Jupiter Elks Lodge #2469

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

10070 West Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Florida 33478
(561) 747-2469

Members of the Community, Students, Teachers, Parents, and Community Organizations,

Get a group together and WIN $100 just for participating in the 8th Annual “House of the                                 Haunted Lodge,”a Halloween haunted competition which raises funds for students & the                                 community by providing school’s, sports teams, Scouts and community organizations a                                   chance to win cash prizes for accredited programs of their choice. For the 6th year in a                                   row, the Jupiter Elks will host and award 13 groups, each, $100 just for being accepted

in the competition. The event will be open to the public for two consecutive evenings,
October 25th and 26th, from 7-10pm where each spectator who tours, can vote for their 
favorite “Fright Space.”  Winning entries (based on the votes of those who braved the
Haunted Lodge) will be awarded $500, $250 and $100 for first, second, and third places.

The “House of the Haunted Lodge”, offers a creative and competitive challenge for groups

to design, construct and stage a “Fright Space," within the Elks lodge. By participating in

the event, individuals can also earn community service hours. Any group, for example,

ROTC, cheerleaders, drama department, or even a group of friends can apply for the

competition.  Every group must have a parent, teacher or administrative staff to assist

and oversee the group, as well as a specified accredited program.

To participate here’s what you need to do:
     • Come up with an idea that might be scary or funny, or both, something

        with a Halloween spin.
     • Get a group together that's willing to act out the scene’s characters.
     • Gather props to decorate and stage your haunt. Get creative here,

        search through your classroom, home closets, garage and attic.

        It’s OK not to spend money!
     • The group with the most votes wins cash prizes that will be donated

        back to the group’s accredited program of choice.  Tell your friends

        to come and vote for you!
     • Apply Today: Click Here To Apply
     • Submit your application no later than Sunday, October 6, 2019

Please direct any questions via email to JupiterElksLodge2469@gmail.com or via FaceBook

at “House of the Haunted Lodge."

We look forward to your participation in this fun and frightening community attraction

and fundraiser!  Good luck to one and all!

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